KPF was one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far - the team of professors were so inspiring and dedicated and all of the other staff members are amazing. The organisers do the most outstanding job of coordinating the whole course and are so kind and helpful. The emphasis on friendship and socialising over competition is one of the unique plus-points of this course. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is considering applying!

Iain Clarke / participant of KPF2019

Amazing festival, fantastic facilities, welcoming atmosphere, great professors and wonderful environment for musical development. Highly recommended!!!

Anna Szałucka / participant of KPF2019

One of the best festivals I've ever been to, very professional, interesting and a great, fun spend of time. Amazing people, professors and organisers!

Milda Daunoraitė / participant of KPF2019

So grateful to be given a chance to to participate in this amazing festival ,it was really one of the kind! One of the greatest opportunities in my life,from having to play our own recitals in beautiful concert halls on great instruments that were carefully picked and delivered by the organizers themselves,to having plenty lessons with the most famous pianists that were truly making the most of it. Not to mention inspiring and thought provoking seminars and individual sessions,great facilities from endless time to practice to delicious food that seems we had endless amounts too. With all that being said,the most inspiring were the organizers,whom with even being busy as bees making sure everything runs smoothly,still had the time for a friendly chat. or honest talk. The atmosphere there was amazing and im forever thankful to be given scholarship without which i wouldn’t have experienced all this.

Airinė Taučaitė / participant of KPF2019

I really enjoyed my time in Kaunas Piano Fest. The organisation was wonderful, the festival had accommodation and food included, leaving all the time left for us to focus on the music, the lectures/workshops/concerts and socialising. It was a very inspiring community, and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to play a whole recital as well as to listen to everyone else's performances!

Kristina Yorgova / participant of KPF2018

The time I spent there proved to be very useful and amazing! Very friendly environment and positive atmosphere. I'm glad that I participated. I highly recommend this festival.

Amelija Būrytė / participant of KPF2018

The Kaunas Piano Fest was an amazing experience. The organizers had thought through and executed everything well. From lodging to food, they ensured that the participants were well taken care of and can focus on their practice and performances. They also gave us all the opportunity to perform at different venues, arranged photography, physiotherapy, performance psychology/anxiety sessions etc. I am very much looking forward to next year's KPF!

Wayne Neo / lecturer, pianist, clinical hypnotherapist

I am very very happy that I had a chance to be one of the participants in Kaunas Piano Fest 2018. There was very positive people, interesting and useful lectures, amazing masterclasses with professors. There you don't need to worry about something just enjoy everything that this festival offers you. It was beautiful adventure that I will not forget very long time!

Lāsma Meldere / participant of KPF2018

Kaunas Piano Fest has been an amazing experience for our musical and personal development. The organization team had everything under controll, well prepared and ready when we arrived. I really recommend the Festival, extraordinary professors, good facilities and structure of the course and incredible places where we were able to perform. Keep going!

Blai Mañer Ferré / participant of KPF2018

It was such a pleasure to be in the Kaunas Piano Fest. We had magnific piano lessons, and we could learn a lot apart from those, because the team organized such variated lectures, each of them very intersting. Food, and dormitory provided were relly good too. So cheap for all you can enjoy there

Elisabet Barroso Domínguez / participant of KPF2018